A Research on Mechanisms and Countermeasures of the Food Safety Incidents Occurring on Food Supply Chain


In recent years, food safety problems have become increasingly serious in China, and major food safety accidents have seriously affected people’s daily lives, having negative influences on the healthy development of the food industry and the whole economy. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze existing problems of food safety, further study the main cause of frequent incidents of food safety, and propose the corresponding countermeasures. In this paper, food safety incidents occurring from 2009 to 2013 are taken as the research objects, and the food supply chain is divided into five links. Then comprehensive analyses of food category are made, the main responsibility and the possible causes for food safety accidents occurring on each food supply chain links, aiming at analyzing the accident mechanism and proposing improvement strategies.

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Liu, Y. , Zhang, Q. and Li, Q. (2014) A Research on Mechanisms and Countermeasures of the Food Safety Incidents Occurring on Food Supply Chain. Journal of Service Science and Management, 7, 337-345. doi: 10.4236/jssm.2014.74030.

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