Factors Affecting the Choice of Science Subjects among Female Students in Jigawa Metropolis, Nigeria


The work is to investigate the factors affecting the choice of science subjects among female students at the senior secondary level in Jigawa metropolis. There are factors that influence the choice of science subject among female students. Some of the factors are the sex of the students, peer group influence, motivation and the choice of a future career. In order to analyze some of these factors and their effect on female students in Jigawa metropolis, questionnaires were administered to female school of SS II and SS III in some randomly selected secondary schools. The hypothesis were tested; the use of data obtained from the questionnaires administered; and results presented in Tables 6-9.

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Adams, A. and Salome, A. (2014) Factors Affecting the Choice of Science Subjects among Female Students in Jigawa Metropolis, Nigeria. Creative Education, 5, 1296-1304. doi: 10.4236/ce.2014.514148.

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