Different Acupuncture for Neurodynia and Skin Lesions with Acute Herpes Zoster


Objective: To analyze the effectiveness of different acupuncture-moxibustion therapies for neurodynia and skin lesions of acute herpes zoster. Patients and Methods: From April 2007 to October 2009, 500 patients with clinical acute herpes zoster were included in the study. They were randomly divided into five groups as follow: electroacupuncture (E); electroacupuncture + cottonpave moxibustion (EC); electroacupuncture + fire acupuncture (EF); electroacupuncture + tapping combined with cupping (ET); control group of western medicine (WM). Results: The time of staunch bleb, scab and scab-off had no obvious statistical difference in the five groups; however, five methods could obviously reduce symptoms of herpes zoster and improved general symptoms. Within five days of treatment, compared to control group, the other four methods could more quickly ameliorate the general symptom of herpes zoster, and EF was superior to EC. In addition to electroacupuncture group, the treatment groups could relieve neuralgia and shortened duration of pain, which was superior to control group treatment. In addition, within first 3 days of treatment, the efficacy of treatment with E, EF or ET was superior to that of EC, and EF was better to E. After five days or end-of-treatment, the efficiency of odynolysis by treatment with EF, ETor EC was no more than E. The incidence of neurodynia was reduced after treatment with EC, EF or ET at 30th, 60th and 90th day, and pain of postherpetic neuralgia was relived. Conclusion: It is a certain advantages for organism reparation, abatement of neurodynia, and reduction of postherpetic neuralgia by acupuncture treatment.

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Lin, G. , Yang, Y. , Zhang, H. , Li, L. , Chen, C. , Liu, Y. , Cha, X. and Li, Q. (2014) Different Acupuncture for Neurodynia and Skin Lesions with Acute Herpes Zoster. Chinese Medicine, 5, 137-144. doi: 10.4236/cm.2014.53017.

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