Philosophy of Education: A Tool for National Development?


This paper is an exposition on the theoretical and practical relevance of educational philosophy to national development. It postulated that philosophical ideas have been responsible for shaping the development of societies through the channels of education. Contextually, the concepts of “education”, “philosophy”, and the nexus between philosophy and philosophy of education were articulated. The term “development” was analyzed. The paper examined philosophy of education as a tool in the development of the nation from the perspective of men’s capacity to think more critically and reflectively. Seen also from men’s pursuit for wisdom, the good life, educational policy formulation and the intellectual development of the teacher and the learner in their educational practice, relevant implications and recommendations were proffered based at the end of the paper.

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Abiogu, G. (2014) Philosophy of Education: A Tool for National Development?. Open Journal of Philosophy, 4, 372-377. doi: 10.4236/ojpp.2014.43040.

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