Different Approaches on Various Cases of Tracheal Stenosis


Narrowing of the airway caused by different diseases is a serious condition manifesting varying signs and symptoms. Immediate attention and treatment must be performed as this is a life-threatening condition. In the past decade, there has been massive advancement on the management of airway stenosis. Some of these are stent placement, tracheal reconstruction and tumor debulking. This article focuses on 5 different cases with distinct strategies in conducting treatment and management of airway stenosis.

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Saenghirunvattana, S. , Pitiguagool, V. , Suwanakijboriharn, C. , Pupipat, P. , Saenghirunvattana, B. , Gonzales, M. , Sutthisri, K. , Siangproh, C. , Kodkaew, W. , Inkum, A. and Matitopanum, V. (2014) Different Approaches on Various Cases of Tracheal Stenosis. Open Journal of Respiratory Diseases, 4, 90-100. doi: 10.4236/ojrd.2014.43013.

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