Academic Nursing Center Primary Care Quality Improvement Using an Electronic Health Record and a Practice-Based Research Network


Practice-based research networks (PBRN) seek to improve healthcare through the use of research, quality improvement, and collaborative learning. When used by nontraditional models of care such as the nurse managed healthcare center (NMHC), PBRNs can be incorporated into successful quality improvement (QI) programs. UT Health Services is a NMHC utilizing a PBRN as one component of a comprehensive QI program in an effort to deliver high quality healthcare.

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Mackey, T. , Rooney, L. and Hart, D. (2014) Academic Nursing Center Primary Care Quality Improvement Using an Electronic Health Record and a Practice-Based Research Network. Open Journal of Nursing, 4, 637-643. doi: 10.4236/ojn.2014.49067.

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