Multiple Myeloma in Unusually Young Patient: A Case Report (Short Report)


Multiple myeloma, a disease of elderly, is extremely rare in those about 30 years of age. A patient with MM diagnosed at age 27 is described. He was a male with a four-month history of back pain and later, hemurus and tibia pain persisting despite NSAIDS. X-rays had shown lytic lesions on lateral radiograph of the skull and the humerus. His ESR was 120 mm. Serum calcium was 125 mg/l and glomerular filtration rate at 25 ml/min. There was a beta2 peak in the serum protein electrophoresis. The Immunohistochemical examination demonstrated a strong reaction for the Lambda light chain in all tumor cells. Bence Jones protein was present in urine. Bone marrow biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of multiple myeloma. Our patient was treated with dexamethasone, zoledronic acid, cyclophosphamide and thalidomide with good evolution. Actually, he was proposed for stem cell transplantation. This report illustrated that multiple myeloma should be even evoked in young patients.

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Mangad, F. and Bouchti, I. (2014) Multiple Myeloma in Unusually Young Patient: A Case Report. International Journal of Clinical Medicine, 5, 890-893. doi: 10.4236/ijcm.2014.515119.

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