TiO2 Films Synthesis over Polypropylene by Sol-Gel Assisted with Hydrothermal Treatment for the Photocatalytic Propane Degradation


The present investigation shows experimental results obtained with TiO2 thin films synthesized by the sol-gel method assisted with hydrothermal treatment over polypropylene, using the dip coating technique. Obtained coatings were characterized through SEM, XRD, UV-Vis and the photo- catalytic activity was monitored by GC. According to results, the hydrothermal treatment facilitates the crystallization of the TiO2 anatase phase, which is present in all synthesized films. Crystal size formed from precursor solutions (estimated by the Scherrer’s equation) depends on the time and temperature of the hydrothermal treatment, wherein solution exposed to a higher temperature treatment of 150C for 1.5 h (H150/1.5) exhibited a larger crystal size compared to those synthesized at 80C for 1.5 h and 3 h (H80/1.5 and H80/3). Sample H150/1.5 over polypropylene resulted in a uniform and crack free coating. This behavior was attributed to the precursor solution being denser than those synthesized at 80C. Additionally, the photocatalytic activity of the coatings was evaluated through the degradation of propane. Coating H150/1.5 reached 100% conversion after 3 h of UV light irradiation.

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Guzmán-Velderrain, V. , Ortega López, Y. , Salinas Gutiérrez, J. , López Ortiz, A. and H. Collins-Martínez, V. (2014) TiO2 Films Synthesis over Polypropylene by Sol-Gel Assisted with Hydrothermal Treatment for the Photocatalytic Propane Degradation. Green and Sustainable Chemistry, 4, 120-132. doi: 10.4236/gsc.2014.43017.

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