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A New Method For Industrial Production of 2,3-Butanediol

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A new industrial production method of 2, 3-butanediol is discussed in this paper. C2-4 bio-polyol is prepared by combining biological fermentation and chemical cleavage, with corn starch as raw material. In this industrial method, high purity 2,3-butanediol can be obtained after distillation and purification. Low production cost of this method provides an effective support for 2, 3-butanediol large-scaled application.

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L. Ge, X. Wu, J. Chen and J. Wu, "A New Method For Industrial Production of 2,3-Butanediol," Journal of Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology, Vol. 2 No. 3, 2011, pp. 335-336. doi: 10.4236/jbnb.2011.23041.


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