Convergence Theorems for k-Strictly Pseudononspreading Multivalued in Hilbert Spaces


We introduce a k-strictly pseudononspreading multivalued in Hilbert spaces more general than the class of nonspreading multivalued. We establish some weak convergence theorems of the sequences generated by our iterative process. Some new iterative sequences for finding a common element of the set of solutions for equilibrium problem was introduced. The results improve and extend the corresponding results of Osilike Isiogugu [1] (Nonlinear Anal.74 (2011)) and others.

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Liu, H. and Li, Y. (2014) Convergence Theorems for k-Strictly Pseudononspreading Multivalued in Hilbert Spaces. Advances in Pure Mathematics, 4, 317-323. doi: 10.4236/apm.2014.47042.

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