Effect of Preparation Method on Catalytic Properties of Double Perovskite Oxides LaSrFeMo0.9Co0.1O6 for Methane Combustion


The double perovskite oxides LaSrFeMo0.9Co0.1O6 was prepared by co-precipitation method and sol-gel method. The title catalysts were calcined at 800°C and characterized by XRD H2-TPR, SEM and TG-DTA techniques. The catalytic activity was evaluated for methane combustion. The specific surface area of them was calculated by BET model. The samples exhibit significant catalytic activity for methane combustion at 800°C. Upon calcination at 800°C, the LaSrFeMo0.9Co0.1O6 prepared by sol-gel method retains a specific surface area of 24 m2.g-1 and shows an excellent activity for methane combustion (the conversion of 10% and 90% are obtained at 505°C and 660°C, respectively).

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Zheng, J. , Lang, X. and Wang, C. (2014) Effect of Preparation Method on Catalytic Properties of Double Perovskite Oxides LaSrFeMo0.9Co0.1O6 for Methane Combustion. Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science, 4, 367-373. doi: 10.4236/aces.2014.43040.

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