Biodiesel Production from Unrefined Rice Bran Oil through Three-Stage Transesterification


Unrefined rice bran oil (UNRFRBO) with high free fatty acids (FFA) is used as a source for the production of unrefined rice bran oil methyl ester (UNRFRBOME). Three-stage transesterification process is successfully used. Initially, the FFA of UNRFRBO is reduced to 1% (0.8%) by using two stages esterification process with methanol in the presence of acid (H2SO4) as a catalyst. Finally, biodiesel has produced by alkaline (NaOH) catalyzed transesterification process which has designed according to the central composite design. 90% has obtained at the optimum values of CH3OH (20% v/v of oil), NaOH (1.0% w/v of oil), reaction time (60 minutes) and reaction temperature (55°C to 60°C).

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Kattimani, V. , Venkatesha, B. and Ananda, S. (2014) Biodiesel Production from Unrefined Rice Bran Oil through Three-Stage Transesterification. Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science, 4, 361-366. doi: 10.4236/aces.2014.43039.

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