Students’ Common Difficulties in Manipulating Microscope Selected Schools in Kano State, Nigeria


This work was conducted to find out the students’ common difficulties in manipulating microscope. Questionnaires were used for relevant and required data collections. The data collected were processed and analyzed using simple percentage. The findings were discussed and recommendations were provided for the benefit of research students and teachers. The objectives of this work are to reveal some common difficulties on manipulating microscope, their causes and finally suggest solutions to check these difficulties or to overcome them. This work was carried out with 50 students in level 100 from biology department. Tables 4-11 show the summary of the responses of these students on the questions asked about microscope while Tables 1-3 summarize the personal data of these students.

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Azubuike, A. and Azubuike, A. (2014) Students’ Common Difficulties in Manipulating Microscope Selected Schools in Kano State, Nigeria. Creative Education, 5, 1125-1131. doi: 10.4236/ce.2014.513127.

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