Phytochemical Analysis and Antioxidant Activity Determination on Crude Extracts of Melodinus eugeniifolus Barks and Leaves from Malaysia


Six different extracts of Melodinus eugeniifolus (a very rare medical plant belonging to Apocynaceae) leaves and barks were screened for their phytochemical composition, and free radical scavenging activities. Three different methods were used to test the antioxidant activity for extracts which include FRAP assay (Ferric reducing antioxidant potential), DPPH radical scavenging assay (1,1-diphenyl-2-picryl hydrazyl radical reducing power methods), and β-carotene bleaching assay. Among the different extracts tested, the ethanol extract of barks showed significant radical scavenging activities. Phytochemical analysis of the extracts revealed that the radical scavenging activities are mainly due to the presence of alkaloids, cardiac glycosides, sterols, steroids and flavonoids. The results obtained suggest that Melodinus eugeniifolus could be exploited in the management of various diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases and infection diseases. Highlights: Melodinus eugeniifolus, a very rare medical plant from South Asian rain forest which may be a potential drug for many diseases is first reported about its phytochemical characteristics and antioxidant activity by different methods.

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Lu, Y. , Knoo, T. and Wiart, C. (2014) Phytochemical Analysis and Antioxidant Activity Determination on Crude Extracts of Melodinus eugeniifolus Barks and Leaves from Malaysia. Pharmacology & Pharmacy, 5, 773-780. doi: 10.4236/pp.2014.58087.

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