Modeling and Simulation of Power Coupling System in Hydraulic Hybrid City Bus


In order to solve the coupling problem of power in Hydraulic Hybrid City Bus (HHB), a hydraulic hybrid power coupling system based on planetary gear transmission principle is proposed in this paper. The system consists of diesel engine, power coupler, hydraulic pump/motor, etc. The realizable operating modes of power coupling system are analyzed in this paper. Under coordination of clutches, the engine driven mode, hydraulic driven mode, hybrid driven mode, hydraulic engine-start mode and braking energy recovery mode are realizable. Based on Lagrange equation, kinetic analysis and kinematics analyses are presented. In addition, the simulation model of the power coupling system is proposed, which includes diesel engine model, power coupler model, hydraulic pump/motor model, etc. The example simulation analysis is proposed under the hybrid driven mode; the results show that the power coupling system proposed in this paper can realize power coupling of hydraulic hybrid city bus. Compared with traditional city bus, the hydraulic hybrid city bus can choose small-displacement engine so as to improve fuel economy and dynamic property.

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Li, X. , Qu, J. , Wei, W. and Tian, X. (2014) Modeling and Simulation of Power Coupling System in Hydraulic Hybrid City Bus. Energy and Power Engineering, 6, 119-132. doi: 10.4236/epe.2014.66012.

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