Electrochemical Determination of Melamine on Static Mercury Drop Electrode and on Gold Nano Particle Modified Carbon Paste Electrode


An electrochemical method was developed for the determination of melamine (2,4,6 triamino- 1,3,5-triazine) on static mercury drop electrode (SMDE) and on gold nano particle modified carbon paste electrode. Interaction of melamine with Cu2﹢ ion was investigated and the decrease of Cu stripping peak was measured for the determination of melamine using SMDE. Oxidation property of melamine was improved using gold nano particle modified carbon paste electrode. Direct determination of melamine was proposed from the oxidation peak with three sigma detection limit of 0.43 μML﹣1. Recovery in milk powder sample has shown good recovery of melamine using the modified carbon paste electrode.

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Dey, M. , Satpati, A. and Reddy, A. (2014) Electrochemical Determination of Melamine on Static Mercury Drop Electrode and on Gold Nano Particle Modified Carbon Paste Electrode. American Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 5, 598-603. doi: 10.4236/ajac.2014.59067.

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