Effects of Heat Treatment on Microhardness of Some Al-Cu Alloy Prepared by Vacuum Coating


In this paper binary alloy of Al-Cu with composition Al(100-x)Cux, (x = 10, 15, 20) is prepared by thermal evaporation method. The prepared samples are annealed at different temperatures and investigated by XRD and microhardness method. XRD has been used to show amorphous state of structures and microhrdness tester show the increase in hardness due to the increase in amount of Al in the alloy. SEM and AFM were also used to show information about the surface of the specimen, resulting some densification and relaxation in these specimens.

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Habibi, S. , Jaleh, B. , Namdarmanesh, A. and Shamlo, M. (2014) Effects of Heat Treatment on Microhardness of Some Al-Cu Alloy Prepared by Vacuum Coating. Materials Sciences and Applications, 5, 491-495. doi: 10.4236/msa.2014.58053.

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