Reliability Estimators for the Components of Series and Parallel Systems: The Weibull Model


This paper presents a hierarchical Bayesian approach to the estimation of components’ reliability (survival) using a Weibull model for each of them. The proposed method can be used to estimation with general survival censored data, because the estimation of a component’s reliability in a series (parallel) system is equivalent to the estimation of its survival function with right- (left-) censored data. Besides the Weibull parametric model for reliability data, independent gamma distributions are considered at the first hierarchical level for the Weibull parameters and independent uniform distributions over the real line as priors for the parameters of the gammas. In order to evaluate the model, an example and a simulation study are discussed.

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Bhering, F. , Pereira, C. and Polpo, A. (2014) Reliability Estimators for the Components of Series and Parallel Systems: The Weibull Model. Applied Mathematics, 5, 1633-1640. doi: 10.4236/am.2014.511157.

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