Effect of Topical Steroid Treatment for Concealed Penis: Is It Managed Conservatively?


Purpose: Phimosis can be treated using topical steroid treatment effectively. Meanwhile, concealed penis has been required surgical correction because it was considered stubborn to conservative treatment. But there were few reports of conservative treatment using topical steroid treatment for concealed penis. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effects of topical steroid treatment for concealed penis. Materials and Methods: From December 2006 to December 2011, 30 patients (mean age 9.3 years) with concealed penis were treated with topical 0.12% bethamethasone valerate cream. Patients or their parents continued to retract the prepuce gently without causing pain and to apply a topical 0.12% bethamethasone valerate cream to the prepuce twice daily for 6 weeks. When topical steroid treatment was ineffective, patients were surgically corrected. Results: The success rate of topical steroid treatment was low (10%). 27 of 30 patients required surgical repair. No patients showed complications associated with topical steroid or surgical intervention. Conclusions: Concealed penis is highly resistant to topical steroid treatment and should be corrected surgically.

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Aoki, K. , Fukui, S. , Takenaga, M. , Miyake, M. , Inoue, T. , Anai, S. , Torimoto, K. , Tanaka, N. and Fujimoto, K. (2014) Effect of Topical Steroid Treatment for Concealed Penis: Is It Managed Conservatively?. Open Journal of Urology, 4, 82-86. doi: 10.4236/oju.2014.46014.

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