Tuberculosis Otitis Media with Disseminated Tuberculosis in a Pregnant Female


Background: Tuberculosis remains a public health problem worldwide, and tuberculosis in pregnancy in particular can have effects on both mother and infant. Findings: We report a case of a 22- year-old female presenting in preterm labor at 32 weeks gestation. Her pregnancy had been complicated by hearing loss and weight loss, and at the time of delivery, she was diagnosed with tuberculous otitis media and disseminated tuberculosis. Tuberculous otitis media is a rare form of tuberculosis disease, and in this case, had consequences for mother and infant. Conclusions: Importance of suspicion for tuberculosis disease in patients presenting with atypical symptoms but epidemiologic history is emphasized.

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Jubulis, J. , Riedel, S. and Parrish, N. (2014) Tuberculosis Otitis Media with Disseminated Tuberculosis in a Pregnant Female. Journal of Tuberculosis Research, 2, 75-78. doi: 10.4236/jtr.2014.22009.

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