Forecasting Budget Estimated Using Time-Series—Case Study on College of Computer Science and Information Technology


The need for information systems in organizations and economic units increases as there is a great deal of data that arise from doing many of the processes in order to be addressed to provide information that can bring interest to multi-users, the new and distinctive management accounting systems which meet in a manner easily all the needs of institutions and individuals from financial business, accounting and management, which take into account the accuracy, speed and confidentiality of the information for which the system is designed. The paper aims to describe a computerized system that is able to predict the budget for the new year based on past budgets by using time series analysis, which gives results with errors to a minimum and controls the budget during the year, through the ability to control exchange, compared to the scheme with the investigator and calculating the deviation, measurement of performance ratio and the expense of a number of indicators relating to budgets, such as the rate of condensation of capital, the growth rate and profitability ratio and gives a clear indication whether these ratios are good or not. There is a positive impact on information systems through this system for its ability to accomplish complex calculations and process paperwork, which is faster than it was previously and there is also a high flexibility, where the system can do any adjustments required in helping relevant parties to control the financial matters of the decision-making appropriate action thereon.

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Elbasheer, F. and Talab, S. (2014) Forecasting Budget Estimated Using Time-Series—Case Study on College of Computer Science and Information Technology. Intelligent Information Management, 6, 142-148. doi: 10.4236/iim.2014.63015.

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