Diagnostic Ultrasonography of Fascitis to Plant. Presentation of a Case


The use of Ultrasonography is very important in the diagnosis of several conditions of the body, particularly the muscular skeletal system, and it is grateful as a very valuable method of exploration complementary of image. The fascitis to plant is frequent in the corridors. The use of the Ultrasonography is with the objective of visualizing the presence and the magnitude of the fascitis plant in a fond corridor and to know the sensibility of the Ultrasonography of High Resolution in the diagnosis of this lesion. This study in a fond corridor, symptomatic of affection to plant fascitis, in this case severe increase of low ecogenicidad of the insert was verified in the calcaneus of the fascia to plant of the tweeted right with bony proliferation sketch at that level, in contrast with the one against-lateral. The Ultrasonography demonstrated its sensibility in the diagnosis of the fascitis to plant that it is recognized as the most frequent affection that is presented in corridors related with the occasional incursion of career or to its systematic practice associated with factors external they predispose.

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Valladares, D. , Pérez, A. , Cagiga, E. and León, A. (2014) Diagnostic Ultrasonography of Fascitis to Plant. Presentation of a Case. International Journal of Clinical Medicine, 5, 630-633. doi: 10.4236/ijcm.2014.511086.

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