Comparison of Results of TIPU Repair for Hypospadias with “Spongioplasty Alone” and “Spongioplasty with Dorsal Dartos Flap”


Objective: The aim of our study was to compare the results of tubularized plate urethroplasty with interposing healthy tissue spongioplasty alone and spongioplasty with dorsal dartos flap to assess the role of dartos flap in prevention of fistulae. Patients and Methods: A retrospective study was performed on 80 patients, aged 4 months to 27 years who underwent hypospadias repair using the Snodgrass technique. The patients were assigned to two groups. In group I (40 patients) the neourethra was covered with spongioplasty only, and in group II (40 patients) the neourethra was covered with spongioplasty plus dartos flap. Integrity of the urethral plate was maintained in all the cases. The ventral curvature & torsion was corrected by penile de-gloving, mobilization of the urethral plate and spongiosum and mobilization of the proximal urethra if needed. The results were analysed in view of complication rates. The average period of hospital stay was 7 days & follow-up varied from 8 months to 28 months with a mean of 14 months. Results: In group I, hypospadias were distal penile in 31 (77.5%), mid-penile in 4 (10%) and proximal/peno-scrotal in 5 (12.5%) patients. In group II, hypospadias were distal penile in 17 (42.5%), mid penile in 9 (22.5%) and proximal/peno-scrotal in 14 (35%) patients. Sixty five percent in group I and 80% in group II had ventral curvature but the difference was not statistically significant. Good functional results were achieved in 97.5% patients in group I and in 95% patients in group II which were statistically similar (p value—0.585). Urethral fistula was encountered in 2.5% in group I & in 2 cases (5%) in group II. Meatal stenosis was noted in 7.5% each in both groups, which responded to urethral dilatation. One patient in group II had complete disruption. There was no statistically significant difference in early and late complications in both groups (p value—0.812). Conclusions: Spongioplasty with healthy spongiosal tissue is strong enough and is effective waterproofing as an interposition layer. However, more prospective studies in different hands are needed to omit the step of dorsal dartos interposition.

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Bhat, A. , Singla, M. , Bhat, M. , Sabharwal, K. , Kumar, V. , Upadhayay, R. and Saran, R. (2014) Comparison of Results of TIPU Repair for Hypospadias with “Spongioplasty Alone” and “Spongioplasty with Dorsal Dartos Flap”. Open Journal of Urology, 4, 41-48. doi: 10.4236/oju.2014.45008.

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