Psychic Cognitive Processes Development at Primary School Age


This paper describes the program of cognitive processes development for 2nd grade schoolchildren, designed and implemented at a secondary school in Aktau City (Kazakhstan). The program of cognitive processes development was designed for the 2nd grade schoolchildren. Second grade is the optimal to conduct correction development classes. Most part of the program consisted of exercises, games, techniques to develop memory, attention, verbal-logical thinking of children. The program supposed group work (7 - 10 people) twice a week for about 30 - 35 minutes before midday. Every game was “repeated” several times on different materials during several classes. Correction-development activity took 4 months. The third stage of realization of developing program was in conducting second check-up on offered before diagnostics methods. This allowed the researcher to determine how efficient was offered and approved program on cognitive processes development with primary school children development. Conducted research allowed stating that designed and approved program on the development of cognitive processes was efficient.

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Kabylova, A. & Kussainova, M. (2014). Psychic Cognitive Processes Development at Primary School Age. Psychology, 5, 700-706. doi: 10.4236/psych.2014.57081.

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