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Enhanced Methane Sorption in Densified Forms of a Porous Polymer Network

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Multi-gram synthesis and densification is presented for a porous polymer network (PPN-4) examined as a possible vehicular methane storage material. Compaction at 17,000 psi doubled the bulk density of the material and unexpectedly increased microporosity within the material. As a result, the densified material exhibits higher excess gravimetric methane uptake and improved total volumetric methane uptake relative to the powder.

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Kizzie, A. , Dailly, A. , Perry, L. , Lail, M. , Lu, W. , Nelson, T. , Cai, M. and Zhou, H. (2014) Enhanced Methane Sorption in Densified Forms of a Porous Polymer Network. Materials Sciences and Applications, 5, 387-394. doi: 10.4236/msa.2014.56044.


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