Design and Implementation of FFPIV Scheme for Closed Loop Motion Controller


To satisfy the requirements of motion control for industrial machine, a multi-axis motion controller based on DSP is developed in this paper. The motion controller consists of DSP which plays a main role in this design; DPRAM to make sure the rapid and reliable communication with host; FPGA to handle the task of address decoder and receiving feed-back encoder signal; and several peripheral logic circuits. In the part of hardware design, overall structure of motion control system is presented. Then, the Feed-Forward Proportional-Integral-Velocity (FFPIV) scheme which introduces KV in term of velocity loop to achieve the accurate, smooth and real-time response is proposed in the software developing part. The experiment data are carried out to indicate that this motion controller has advantages of superior performance and highly machining precision.

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Thinh, N. , Choi, J. and Kim, W. (2014) Design and Implementation of FFPIV Scheme for Closed Loop Motion Controller. Intelligent Control and Automation, 5, 35-45. doi: 10.4236/ica.2014.52005.

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