The Application of Bamboo Network Reinforcement Technology on Hydraulic Fill Soft-Soil Foundation Treatment


To make a large area of dredger fill silt surface layer form working face and subsequent construction problems, the project conducts the bamboo network reinforcement in the silt surface layer. It makes the surface layer bearing capacity to meet the construction requirement of deep processing. Based on Shantou Municipal Road Embankment Treatment Engineering and the project, the bamboo network reinforcement technology to reinforce the dredger fill super soft soil surface layer is used. The results show that the bearing capacity of hydraulic fill super soft soil surface layer is 32.6 kPa after 3 months treatment. The surface layer bearing capacity after 3 months treatment improved 323% than the early treatment and increased 695% than no processing. The results indicate that the reinforcement effect is outstanding and provide the basis for drafting the dredger fill super soft soil surface layer treatment plan.

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Yuan, M. , Ding, J. and Cao, Y. (2014) The Application of Bamboo Network Reinforcement Technology on Hydraulic Fill Soft-Soil Foundation Treatment. World Journal of Engineering and Technology, 2, 68-72. doi: 10.4236/wjet.2014.22007.

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