The Automated Vehicle Detection of Highway Traffic Images by Differential Morphological Profile


Vehicle detection has been the critical part of the traffic surveillance system for many years. However, vehicle detection method is still challenging. In this paper, differential morphology closing profile is used to extract the vehicle automatically from the traffic image. Along with closing profile, some addition operation has been applied as a part of the algorithm to get the high detection and quality rate. Result demonstrated that the novel method has an excellent detection and quality percentage. We also have compared our automated detection method with other traditional image processing based methods and the results indicate that our proposed method provides better results than traditional image processing based methods.

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Sharma, B. , Katiyar, V. , Gupta, A. and Singh, A. (2014) The Automated Vehicle Detection of Highway Traffic Images by Differential Morphological Profile. Journal of Transportation Technologies, 4, 150-156. doi: 10.4236/jtts.2014.42015.

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