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Wireless Infrared Pyrometer with Fiber Optic: Construction and Processing Algorithms

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In this paper, developed wireless portable infrared pyrometer with dual channel fiber optic is described. The pyrometer measures surface temperature in wide infrared spectral range of 2 - 25 um. A data processing algorithm based on the methods of synchronous detection providing accuracy <0.1°C within the range of 10°C - 50°C and with time constant of 1 sec was developed. Flexible fiber optic allows measuring the temperature in difficult-to-access places.

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Orlov, I. , Nikiforov, I. and Afanasjev, A. (2014) Wireless Infrared Pyrometer with Fiber Optic: Construction and Processing Algorithms. Wireless Engineering and Technology, 5, 25-33. doi: 10.4236/wet.2014.52004.


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