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Cribriform Adenocarcinoma Salivary Gland-Type of the Nasopharynx: Case Report and Review of the Literature

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Primary salivary gland-type carcinoma of the nasopharynx is a rare malignancy with aggressive clinical behavior and poor prognosis. Few cases have been reported in the literature. We report the case of a salivary gland-type carcinoma of the nasopharynx diagnosed in a 70-year-old woman managed in department of radiotherapy at Hassan II University Hospital in Morocco. The patient received a total of 70 Gy of radiations, which were divided into 2 Gy per session during 7 weeks. Follow-up was performed regularly, including nasal endoscopic examination and nasopharyngeal CT. Evolution was marked by disease control after 12 months of follow-up. The aim of this work is to show the rarity of this entity, describe clinical, radiological and histological features and finally discuss the treatment management.

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Bouhafa, T. , Elmazghi, A. , Masbah, O. and Hassouni, K. (2014) Cribriform Adenocarcinoma Salivary Gland-Type of the Nasopharynx: Case Report and Review of the Literature. Open Journal of Pathology, 4, 79-82. doi: 10.4236/ojpathology.2014.42012.


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