Primitive Peritoneal Hydatic Calcified Cyst —A Case Report


It is a cosmopolitan disease, due to the embryonic shape of taenia of the dog Ecchinococcosis granulosis. The peritoneal hydatidosis is the sowing of this serous in a primitive or secondary way. It can be caused by the massive break of a visceral hydatid cyst realizing the anaphylactic shock. Somewhere else, the discreet fissuring is the most usual realizing peritoneum cysts. So the peritoneal hydatidosis appears under polymorphic clinical painting according to the anatomical location of cysts. The disease puts a real problem of public health in our country. The primitive peritoneal localization is rare. We report a case of a primitive intra-peritoneal hydatid cyst.

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Moujahid, M. , En-nafaa, I. , Serghini, I. , Nadour, K. and Tahiri, M. (2014) Primitive Peritoneal Hydatic Calcified Cyst —A Case Report. International Journal of Clinical Medicine, 5, 440-443. doi: 10.4236/ijcm.2014.58060.

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