Impact of Noise Barriers on Air-Pollution Dispersion


The impact of noise barriers on gaseous air-pollution dispersion was examined using the high-resolution CLMM (Charles University LES (Large Eddy Simulation) Microscale Model). The dispersion of a mixture of nitrogen oxides (denoted as NOx—a mix of NO and NO2) was computed, providing the simulation in which wind direction is approximately perpendicular to the noise barriers. The barriers were assumed to be straight and infinitely long, with a height of 3 m. Dispersion of NOx was modeled for situations with no noise barriers along the highway, barriers on both sides, and for a single barrier on the upwind and downwind sides of the highway. The modelling results are presented and discussed in relation to previous studies and the implications of the results are considered for pollution barriers along highways.

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Brechler, J. and Fuka, V. (2014) Impact of Noise Barriers on Air-Pollution Dispersion. Natural Science, 6, 377-386. doi: 10.4236/ns.2014.66038.

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