Morphometry of Lipid Bodies in Embryo, Kernel and Mesocarp of Oil Palm: Its Relationship to Yield


Oil palm drupe which has thick fleshy mesocarp contains rich oil, where storage of oil in it can make up to 80% of its dry mass [1]. Ongoing research interest in oil palms has been focused on the mechanisms of oil production in oil palm drupes, while investigation on the ultrastructural morphometry of its oil storage entity, namely lipid body, has received limited attention. By employing microscopy techniques, this study investigated the morphometric of lipid bodies in the mesocarp, kernel and embryo of oil palms drupes at 22 week-after-anthesis (WAA). This study also investigated the relationship between the size of lipid bodies and oil yield of oil palms at the same state of maturity (22 WAA). The structural arrangements of lipid bodies were found to be different among embryo, kernel and mesocarp of oil palms. It was also found that the size of lipid bodies of mesocarp of oil palms was larger compared to other crops. Lipid bodies in both embryo and mesocarp were statistically shown to be larger in low oil-yielding palms.

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Ho, L. , Nair, A. , Mohd Yusof, H. , Kulaveerasingam, H. and Jangi, M. (2014) Morphometry of Lipid Bodies in Embryo, Kernel and Mesocarp of Oil Palm: Its Relationship to Yield. American Journal of Plant Sciences, 5, 1163-1173. doi: 10.4236/ajps.2014.59129.

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