A Sector Antenna for Mobile Base Station Using MSA Array with Curved Woodpile EBG


This paper presents a sector antenna for base station of mobile phone using microstrip antenna (MSA) array with curved woodpile Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG). The advantages of this pro- posed antenna are easy fabrication and installation, high gain, and light weight. Moreover, it pro- vides a fan-shaped radiation pattern , a main beam having a narrow beam width in the vertical di- rection and a wider beamwidth in the horizontal direction, which are appropriate for mobile phone base station. The half-power beamwidths in the H-plane and E-plane are 37.4 and 8.7 de- grees, respectively. The paper also presents the design procedures of a 1 × 8 array antenna using MSAs associated with U-shaped reflector for decreasing their back and side lobes. A Computer Si- mulation Technology (CST) software has been used to compute the reflection coefficient (S11), radiation patterns, and gain of this antenna. The bandwidth, at S11 (?10 dB), is enough, which can be well utilized for 3G base station, with a gain 20.84 dB.

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Wongsan, R. , Krachodnok, P. and Kamphikul, P. (2014) A Sector Antenna for Mobile Base Station Using MSA Array with Curved Woodpile EBG. Open Journal of Antennas and Propagation, 2, 1-8. doi: 10.4236/ojapr.2014.21001.

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