Method for Determination of Optimal Installed Capacity of Renewable Sources of Energy by the Criterion of Minimum Losses of Active Power in Distribution System

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New method for determination of optimal placement and value of installed capacity of renewable source of energy (RES) by the criterion of minimum losses of active power, that allows taking into consideration the dependence of RES on natural conditions of region, schedule of energy supply, parameters and configuration of distribution network is suggested in the paper. Results of computations of test scheme confirm the efficiency of the proposed method and its simplicity as compared with the methods considered in literature sources.

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Lezhniuk, P. , Komar, V. and Sobchuk, D. (2014) Method for Determination of Optimal Installed Capacity of Renewable Sources of Energy by the Criterion of Minimum Losses of Active Power in Distribution System. Energy and Power Engineering, 6, 37-46. doi: 10.4236/epe.2014.63005.

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