Fast Watermark Synchronization Based on Complementary Templates


A recent trend of the digital watermark requires not only the robustness but also speed. To achieve these requirements, we propose a watermark synchronization scheme based on two kinds of templates. The first one is the rotation invariant template for estimating scale parameter, and the second is the scale invariant template for estimating rotation parameter. Theoretically, complementary templates greatly reduce the search space at the detection stage and achieve robustness against the RST distortion. The results report that the proposed method is useful for the water- mark detection system which requires both a real-time detection and robustness.

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Hou, J. , Ji, S. and Lee, H. (2014) Fast Watermark Synchronization Based on Complementary Templates. Journal of Computer and Communications, 2, 58-65. doi: 10.4236/jcc.2014.24009.

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