Influence of Lime and Phosphorus on Growth Performance and Nutrient Uptake by Indian Spinach (Basella alba L.) Grown in Soil


A pot experiment was carried out to determine the effect of lime and phosphorus on the growth and nutrient uptake by Indian spinach (Basella alba L.) on an acidic soil. The experimental soil was amended with four levels of lime (0, 500, 1000 and 2000 kg CaCO3 ha-1) and phosphorus (P) (0, 50, 100, and150 kgP ha-1) and their combinations. The results showed that lime and P applied separately or in combination had significant (P < 0.001) effects on growth parameters (height and number of leaves), fresh and dry weight of shoot and root and N, K and Ca uptake by Indian spinach. Combined application of lime and P gave a better result than the separate application of lime and P. Application of 2000 kg·ha-1 lime plus 150 kg P ha-1 had higher uptake of N, K and Ca and better morphological characters that eventually resulted in greater yield compared with other treatments. The results revealed that lime and phosphorus could be used in combination to improve growth performance and nutrient uptake when plants grown in an acidic soil.

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Sarker, A. , Kashem, M. and Osman, K. (2014) Influence of Lime and Phosphorus on Growth Performance and Nutrient Uptake by Indian Spinach (Basella alba L.) Grown in Soil. Open Journal of Soil Science, 4, 98-102. doi: 10.4236/ojss.2014.43013.

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