An Assessment of Trends of Monthly Contributions to Seasonal Rainfall in South-Eastern Zimbabwe


Trends in the proportional contribution to the seasonal rainfall of each month were analyzed for the meteorological stations of Buffalo Range, Masvingo Airport and Zaka in South-Eastern Zimbabwe. Results found indicate the existence of some trends for all the stations and months. However, when subjected to a Mann-Kendel trend analysis, all the trends were found to be statistically not significant for all instances except for the month of October at the Zaka station. This month showed a significant trend of increasing proportional rainfall.

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Mapurisa, B. and Chikodzi, D. (2014) An Assessment of Trends of Monthly Contributions to Seasonal Rainfall in South-Eastern Zimbabwe. American Journal of Climate Change, 3, 50-59. doi: 10.4236/ajcc.2014.31005.

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