The Generalized Search for a Randomly Moving Target


A target is assumed to move randomly on one of two disjoint lines L1 and L2 according to a stochastic process . We have two searchers start looking for the lost target from some points on the two lines separately. Each of the searchers moves continuously along his line in both directions of his starting point. When the target is valuable as a person lost on one of disjoint roads, or is serious as a car filled with explosives which moves randomly in one of disjoint roads, in these cases the search effort must be unrestricted and then we can use more than one searcher. In this paper we show the existence of a search plan such that the expected value of the first meeting time between the target and one of the two searchers is minimum.

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Teamah, A. (2014) The Generalized Search for a Randomly Moving Target. Applied Mathematics, 5, 642-652. doi: 10.4236/am.2014.54060.

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