Concentration of Heavy Metals in Respirable Dust in Jos Metropolitan Area, Nigeria


The concentration of respirable dust at seven sampling stations in Jos metropolitan area, was measured weekly for three consecutive months (October 2012 to December 2012). Characterization of the dust particles shows that the concentration of fine dust (<2.5 μm) ranged from 55.0 - 124.9 μg/m3 while the coarse dust (2.5 - 10 μm) varied from 20.0 - 124.4 μg/m3. FAAS analysis of the respirable dust shows that the concentrations of heavy metals ranged from 0.121 - 0.832 mg/kg Pb, 0.019 - 0.111 mg/kg Cr, 0.171 - 1.081 mg/kg Fe, 0.002 - 0.056 mg/kg Mn, 0.002 - 0.438 mg/kg Cd, 0.696 - 1.712 mg/kg Zn, 0.025 - 0.571 mg/kg Cu, and 0.021 - 0. 478 mg/kg Ni, across the sites studied. The main sources of these heavy metals in the sampled area could be attributed to anthropogenic activities like open incineration of waste and vehicular traffic. The concentrations of Cd, Mn and Ni were found to be far above the standard limits prescribed by the WHO for respirable dust. These results convey the health risk the inhabitants in the study area are exposed to. We therefore recommend that measures be taken to regulate these anthropogenic activities

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Mafuyai, G. , Eneji, I. and Sha’Ato, R. (2014) Concentration of Heavy Metals in Respirable Dust in Jos Metropolitan Area, Nigeria. Open Journal of Air Pollution, 3, 10-19. doi: 10.4236/ojap.2014.31002.

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