Research Online Mobile: Towards a Universal Collaboration Research Environment


The collaboration research environment aims to support a team of researchers who are working coordinately over the Internet. With the popularity of mobile phones and the widespread use of the high-speed wireless network, people are demanding a universal collaboration research environment in which they can cooperate wherever they are. In this paper, we present the Research Online Mobile, a universal collaboration research environment based on the Duckling platform, which is an open source software. The framework, key services and applications of the Research Online Mobile are also elucidated. The Research Online Mobile has been released and used by several research communities.

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Shi, T. , Ma, Y. , Liu, G. , Xie, J. and Yang, H. (2013) Research Online Mobile: Towards a Universal Collaboration Research Environment. Communications and Network, 5, 106-111. doi: 10.4236/cn.2013.51B024.

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