Modern aspects of construction of information microwave therapy devices


This article is devoted to presenting modern aspects of building information microwave therapy devices. And it presents an analysis of the existing problems of the organism homeostasis control by means of electromagnetic radiation. The new principles of synthesis of operating influences are formulated. On the basis of the thermodynamic approach is justified as a leading role modeling the space microwave background to restore disturbed homeostasis of the organism. The general patterns of development of the pathological process and possible mechanisms of corrective action of natural electromagnetic background are described. The implementation of the approach offered by the authors to constructing device information physiotherapy allowed creating high-performance hardware and software means for the prevention and treatment of a wide range of human diseases.

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Darovskih, S. , Popechitelev, E. , Vdovina, N. and Novikov, I. (2013) Modern aspects of construction of information microwave therapy devices. Natural Science, 5, 1230-1237. doi: 10.4236/ns.2013.512150.

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