Isolation of γδT cells from mouse small intestine


Gamma/delta T cells (γδТ cells) are among the first lymphoid cells appearing in the ontogenesis. Many of γδТ cells are located in the small intestine/lamina propria of mice and human, where they cooperate with different cells (B-1 cells, in particular) and influence their activity. However, such interactions are studied rather scanty, and the functional role of γδТ cells in the intestine is not yet fully elucidated. To study the interactions of mouse γδТ cells with other cells it is necessary to have purified cell populations. Unfortunately, most approaches used for isolation of human γδТ cells are not suitable for isolation of mouse γδТ cells. The aim of the present study is the modification of the method of mouse intestinal γδТ cell isolation in the quantities sufficient for the in vivo and in vitro experiments.

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Snegireva, N. , Gavrilova, M. and Sidorova, E. (2013) Isolation of γδT cells from mouse small intestine. Open Journal of Immunology, 3, 221-223. doi: 10.4236/oji.2013.34028.

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