Seasonal modulation of the C-type lectin MGL on human DCs


The C-type lectin MGL is a pathogen recognition receptor, expressed by dendritic cells (DCs) and macrophages (Mfs), able to bind GalNAc (Tn) carrying structures. This receptor also recognized Tn-TAAs that were internalized, processed and presented by DCs to T cells and it acted as an adjuvant on DCs, highlighting its possible application in anti-cancer vaccination. In this work, we found that this receptor present a seasonal modulation: its expression is higher in winter rather than in summer. The percentage of MGL+ donors displayed a negative trend that dropped to 33% during the summer and increased up to 100% in winter. This modulation could be also ascribed to the circa-annual variation of glucocorticoids, in fact MGL is up-regulated in presence of dexamethasone in vitro. The seasonal variation of this receptor could be an important point in the field of tumor vaccination strategies.

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Zizzari, I. , Napoletano, C. , Rughetti, A. , Rahimi, H. and Nuti, M. (2013) Seasonal modulation of the C-type lectin MGL on human DCs. Open Journal of Immunology, 3, 218-220. doi: 10.4236/oji.2013.34027.

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