THz Oscillations in a GaN Based Planar Nano-Device


Gunn oscillations in a GaN based planar nano-device have been studied by ensemble Monte Carlo (EMC) method. Simulation results show that when the channel length of the device reduces to 450 nm, THz oscillations (about 0.3 THz) can be obtained. Also the phase of the oscillations can be controlled by the initial conditions that excite the Gunn domains. Moreover, through adjusting the phase difference between the oscillations in a double-channels device, which attained by parallel connecting two single-channel devices, the frequency of the device shifts from 0.3 THz to 0.6 THz. This phenomenon remains in devices with shorter channel-length, unless the channel-length is too short to support Gunn oscillations. The possible underlying mechanisms are also discussed.

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Xu, K. , Wang, Y. , Wang, Z. , Xiong, J. and Wang, G. (2013) THz Oscillations in a GaN Based Planar Nano-Device. Journal of Computer and Communications, 1, 50-53. doi: 10.4236/jcc.2013.17012.

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