A Feminist Group Counseling Model to Address Asian Female Pastors’ Self-Esteem Related Issues


A feminist group counseling model for Asian female pastors was developed and introduced in this manuscript. A major issue that this feminist group counseling model presented was based on Asian female pastors’ lives and work in a patriarchal church structure guided by traditional patriarchal theology and culture. This model is applicable to the improvement of Asian female pastors’ self-esteems and gender-related issues such as Asian female pastors’ leaderships, intimate relationships, family of origins, and finance independence. This model is based on the positive feedback from 25 group sessions of five groups that were applied to 27 Asian female pastors. The application and recommendations for using this model are included in this article.

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Lin, Y. , Li, C. , Irby, B. & Brown, G. (2013). A Feminist Group Counseling Model to Address Asian Female Pastors’ Self-Esteem Related Issues. Psychology, 4, 902-911. doi: 10.4236/psych.2013.411130.

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