Performance Comparison of PIN and APD based FSO Satellite Systems for various Pulse Modulation Schemes in Atmospheric Turbulence

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In this paper, the performance of various Pulse Position Modulation (PPM) schemes has been analysed for PIN and APD receivers in the presence of atmospheric turbulence. It is observed that the performance of the APD receiver is always better than that of the PIN receiver as expected. Among the various modulation schemes, the performance of Differential Amplitude PPM (DAPPM) scheme with more number of amplitude levels is better than that of the other schemes for the same single level peak amplitude. Further, the optimum gain of APD receiver does not change substantially for different modulation schemes and turbulent conditions.

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Gopal, P. , K. Jain, V. and Kar, S. (2013) Performance Comparison of PIN and APD based FSO Satellite Systems for various Pulse Modulation Schemes in Atmospheric Turbulence. Communications and Network, 5, 200-203. doi: 10.4236/cn.2013.53B2038.

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