New Approach to the Diagnosis of Control Hydraulic Systems


A dynamical hybrid system is described by a set of continuous variables and a set of discrete events interacting mutually. The reality imposes to take into account the failures of the components or the uncertainties on the knowledge of the system. Therefore, the systems can work in several modes. Some of these modes correspond to a normal functioning and the others represent failing modes. In this article, we are interested in the evaluation of the probability of occurrence of the failing events in a hybrid dynamic system. Furthermore, we propose an approach to detect on line the failed states and try to find the components responsible for this fault. This approach is based on the knowledge in priori of the system, at least from the point of view of the state of its components in normal functioning. This approach is here described through a simple case study taken from literature.

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Hatem, N. , Mostefai, M. and Aktouf, O. (2013) New Approach to the Diagnosis of Control Hydraulic Systems. Computational Water, Energy, and Environmental Engineering, 2, 97-102. doi: 10.4236/cweee.2013.24011.

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