Preparation Procedure of Liposome-Absorbed Substrate and Tip Shape Correction of Diameters of Liposome Measured by AFM


The procedure to measure liposome in aqueous solution has been examined using atomic force microscope (AFM). We concluded a chemical modified silicon wafer (substrate for AFM observation of liposome) with 3-aminopropyltrieth-oxysilane (APTES) which enabled us to scan anionic liposome softly in water because they were keeping structures as vesicles and stably adsorbed on the substrate by electrostatic force. From captured AFM topographic images, we counted the amount of liposome and analyzed the distribution of mean diameters, which were corrected by an approximated curve of the tip shape. We discussed the method of effective evaluation as practical analysis and its problems for robust analysis.

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Muraji, Y. , Fujita, T. , Itoh, H. and Fujita, D. (2013) Preparation Procedure of Liposome-Absorbed Substrate and Tip Shape Correction of Diameters of Liposome Measured by AFM. Microscopy Research, 1, 24-28. doi: 10.4236/mr.2013.13005.

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