Verification of Damage Detection Algorithm by Prototype Building Structure Test


Safety related accidents of buildings and civil engineering structures have been reported all over the world. With the increasing importance of securing the safety of social infrastructure and optimum performance levels to prevent these accidents, a lot of attention has been concentrated on monitoring performance degradation due to structural defects and deterioration. In this study, the algorithm was developed to evaluate the safety of structures by analyzing signals of time domain and frequency domain, and the developed algorithm was verified through a forced vibration test. From the results of time-domain and frequency-domain data analysis, the damage detection results by each sensor location with a high degree of accuracy were derived in both methods.

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Hwang, J. and Park, K. (2013) Verification of Damage Detection Algorithm by Prototype Building Structure Test. Engineering, 5, 827-835. doi: 10.4236/eng.2013.510100.

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